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Bolton School Level 6 Mathematics Programme

The Level 6 Mathematics Programme was originally set up to allow talented and ambitious Year 6 pupils from local state primary schools to gain access to specialist mathematics tuition in an attempt to raise attainment in their SATs examinations.


The programme was set up initially after the head teacher from St Peter’s School in Farnworth approached Bolton School to ask for help in raising the attainment of a select number pupils in Year 6 who were preparing to take the Level 6 SATs paper. During its first year, weekly sessions took place at St Peter’s School in Farnworth, with pupils from ten primary schools in the Farnworth area attending.

During the second year of the project, Bolton School hosted the programme and made it available to the wider community, with more schools and pupils involved and two identical sessions: one running from September until December and one running from January until April. This allowed circa 80-100 pupils to take advantage of the opportunity.


The programme has been hosted by Bolton School to allow a larger number of pupils to take advantage of the opportunity.

This has also allowed the programme to tap into the talent and expertise of the School’s own young mathematicians: Sixth Form students who share their skills and enthusiasm to raise the attainment of children from other schools in the local community.

Pupil Involvement

Bolton School's Sixth Form boys and girls were involved with the programme as mentors.

Local primary school boys and girls in Year 6 accessed the Mathmatics Programme to help raise their attainment in SATs.