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National Curriculum Swim Provision

BSS Leisure ( provide national curriculum swimming lessons for local schools, using the facilities available at Bolton School and/or Smithill’s High School depending on the specific requirements of each enquiry.


BSS Leisure aim to provide a vast range of quality leisure services including swimming provision for local schools to equip children with an all-important lifesaving skill and to ensure the swimming pools at Bolton School and Smithill’s High School are maximised to their full potential.


BSS Leisure recognise that not all schools have use of their own swimming pools and/or qualified and experienced swim teachers, which limits the opportunity for some to provide quality swimming lessons as part of their curriculum. Our partnership strives to ensure that quality swimming provision is accessible to all.


BSS Leisure are part of Bolton School Service Limited and utilise the exceptional aquatic facilities on the main school’s campus each Spring Term. In addition, we utilise the swimming pool at Smithill’s High School throughout term-time.

Swim teachers at BSS Leisure are highly qualified and experienced. Lessons are delivered in accordance to the national curriculum and Swim England’s ‘Safe supervision for teaching and coaching swimming’.


In 2019, BSS Leisure taught swimming lessons to 124 (Year 3 -5) pupils from local schools. The children achieved the following awards at the end of their swimming lessons:

Award 6 – 31% achieved

Award 5 – 23% achieved

Award 4 – 15% achieved

Award 3 – 10% achieved

Award 2 – 21% achieved

All achievements are recognised and children are provided with certificates from BSS Leisure.


We hope to further develop the positive relations already formed with our partners, in order to continue providing swim provision year on year.