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Infants Supporting Local Charities

As part of the overall Personnel, Social and Emotional development programme at Beech House (Bolton School's Infant School) we encourage our children to think about how we can help others. We feel that this is an essential aspect of the children’s education. Over the year we support local charities and our parents, children and staff have been very generous in donating toys for the Bolton Lions Christmas appeal, food and useful items for Bolton’s Urban Outreach and even towels and kitten biscuits for Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre. We also support Bolton Hospice by selling Reindeer food at our Nativity performances.


Caring for others is very much part of the school's ethos and so supporting others who are, in need, and in our community is an essential aspect of this. Our children take pride in what they do and many continue to support local charities with their families when not in school.


Beech House has a long history of supporting local charities. We have collected for Bolton Lions and Urban Outreach for over 15 years. The hedgehog rescue centre is more recent, as one of our parents’ volunteers at the centre and we required their services when we found a poorly hedgehog in our grounds.


The children and parents are always delighted to hear of our collections and give generously.

The children become increasingly aware of their ability to help others, which we consider a wonderful achievement.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils age 4-7 are involved.


Annual and ongoing.