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Maths Tuition for Year 6

Bolton School Girls' Division maths teachers Mr Wrigley and Miss Doran have been helping prepare gifted children at Lostock Primary School for their KS2 National Curriculum Assessments. They volunteered their time to run after-school sessions to help a group of eight children.

The Bolton School teachers helped the children with a variety of topics, including BIDMAS, angles, substitution and equations in algebra, and tried to include reasoning and discussion work as much as possible.


The extra lessons aimed to help children to boost their attainment in KS2 National Curriculum Assessments in the Summer Term.


Two members of staff organised and ran the sessions, which took place at Lostock Primary School.


Mr Wrigley said: “The pupils were really keen to spend more time on their Maths; they have been really enthusiastic and not afraid to ask or answer questions. They are a lovely group and a credit to their school. ... Adjusting to teaching primary school children was not too difficult as the group were so able and confident in their mathematics.”

Pupil Involvement

Eight Year 6 pupils from Lostock Primary School were involved in the project.

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