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Community Music

The Community Music project takes Bolton School's music into the community and invites local schools and musicians to share in the the music-making. The School shares facilities and instruments and performs at local schools and events.


Bolton School's facilities are used for workshops, which are sometimes led by members of staff with older pupils assisting.

The school's musical instruments, for example percussion instruments used for Samba workshops, are frequently used both in workshops at Bolton School and workshops and lessons with local primary schools in their facilities.

Pupil Involvement

Bolton School Boys' and Girls' Division musicians from Year 7 to Year 13 perform for local primary schools regularly.

Primary school pupils from the local area are invited to workshop events, enjoy performances from Bolton School musicians, and sometimes arrange special music lessons (e.g. Samba lessons) from Bolton School staff using the school's instruments.

Secondary schools pupils from the local area are invited to share in specially organised workshops and masterclasses.


The Community Music project began in 2007 and continued throughout the academic year until the end of 2019.