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Rotary Club of Ascot Youth Speaks competition

On 17th November, the first round of the Rotary Club’s nationwide Youth Speaks competition was held at St Georges School Ascot.  A total of 12 teams took part from 3 schools, Charters, St George’s and St Mary’s.  The competition was divided into a Seniors and Intermediates competition and on this occasion had six teams in each.  Each team consisted of three speakers, a Chair, a main Speaker and a Vote of Thanks.

The standard achieved by these young people was most impressive.  Each team was allowed to choose their own subject to talk about and it was clear that a lot of hard work had gone in to their presentations. 



The main focus behind the competition is to develop skills in public speaking and this has the attendant benefit of improving self-confidence and organisational skills.  Three Adjudicators (all very experienced teachers and experts in this field) judged each section.


We hope that this will be an annual event.