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Partnership with Bristol Zoo

Redmaids’ High are helping to save lemurs from extinction, by sponsoring the lemur walk-through and enclosure at Bristol Zoo Gardens. Their natural habitat on the island of Madagascar is under threat because it is being destroyed by people cutting down trees to plant crops. Pupils from Redmaids' High Junior School visited the zoo and learnt more about this endangered species and how important it is to protect them.

In addition to sponsoring the lemur walkthrough, Redmaids' High Sixth Formers have sponsored camera traps on the island of Madagascar and will be analysing the data the they provide.


The aim of the partnership is to help protect endangered lemurs both in their natural habitat in Madagascar and at Bristol Zoo. 


From the partnership, the girls have gained knoweldge about the importance of looking after the endangered animals and the ecosystem that they live in and that they can help to protect them. 

Pupil Involvement

The partnership has involved pupils from across different year groups both the junior school and Redmaids' High School.