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Sporting Super Stars

A number of schools joined us for our Year 5 'all round' sporting event. St Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Primary School, High Down Primary and Torwood House school. Team-based, this aims to enable pupils to participate in an 'all round' sporting event, making use of the Clifton College facilities. The challenges included sprints, tennis shots, rowing, football dribble and shoot, cricket throw and a team obstacle course. We were also very lucky to have Bristol Rugby providing encouragement to the teams and they presented the awards to the competitors.


Using PE and sport to inspire learning and achievement.

Enabling every young person to enjoy competition.

Improving the health of young people in Bristol through targeted participation in physical activity.


The event was initially run a number of years ago. Staff members will now make this an annual event to encourage the sporting super stars in our local community to participate and compete in sport. The competition also provides an opportunity for talented pupils to find out more about sporting scholarships at 11+and 13+ with Clifton College.


The Indoor Dome was used as we had rain in June. In the future the sporting fields on The Close will be used to host the event. All equipment was provided by Clifton College. 10 members of Clifton College staff ran the activities and supported their teams, along with a team manager from each participating school.

Pupil Involvement

10 Year 5 pupils from each school - five girls and five boys participated in every event.


We hope to make Sporting Stars and annual event.