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Fundraising activity for local and national charities

Overall, the school community raises a total amount in excess of £20000 for charitable organisations during the year

  • The school community supports three charities each year. Speakers of these charities visit and speak to the pupils in assembly and then all fundraising events throughout the year supports these causes. This includes a whole school ‘Fundraising Friday’ event and a number of other fundraising activities. In total, we annually raise in excess of £13000 for our school charities. Last year the school charities were Young Minds, the Medical Detection Dogs and the George Pantziarkos Trust.
  • In addition, our staff have supported the Women’s Refuge, Naomi House and Endometriosis UK through a range of fundraising activities
  • In the last year, pupils and staff at St Swithun’s Junior School pupils have supported Children In Need, Jeans for Genes Day, McMillan Cancer Support, The Joe Glover Trust, Let the Children Live, the World Wildlife Fund, the East Africa Crisis Fund and Comic Relief, raising over £1,000 for these causes.
  • All Year 9 pupils embark on The Big Give – a philanthropy five week course which raised £2500 for a range of charities.
  • The school responds to international emergencies with collections of supplies and essential items. This year, projects have included the East Africa Crisis appeal and the World Wildlife Fund.


To financially support very worthwhile charities whilst also raising awareness of these causes throughout the school community.


The school has a long fundraising tradition. A number of good causes are considered by our pupils and the entire student body vote to decide the 3 charities of the year.


Staff (both teaching and non-teaching) and pupil time.


The fiscal sum raised each year.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils from Nursery to Year 13.


This is an ongoing activity with regular events during the year.