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State school partnerships - pupils benefit from shared academic and sporting events

We host an event for the Royal Society of Biology for local A-level biology students. We organise and host a biennial festival with over 350 state schools pupils attending.

Each year we host 2 swimming school galas for local primary schools.

We organise a biennial GAP Fair and Careers Fair which attracts to pupils from the local state schools

We run a series of lectures throughout the year featuring high profile visiting speakers which are attended by state school pupils free of charge

We organise a debating collaboration with King's School

We run critical thinking skills workshops for pupils at King's School, Henry Beaufort School and St Faith's primary school



To provide shared access for a range of events held on site at St Swithun's to state school pupils


State school pupils have been invioted to these events for the last 5 years.


The events are held using facilities at St Swithun's and at the school's expense. Teaching and non-teaching staff are repsonsible for the event organisation. In total, this amounts to over 400 volunteer hours. 


The number of attendees is a measure of success, as is the relevance of the event content to the pupils' education. We assess attendance figrues and also qualitative feedback from state school teachers.

Pupil Involvement

Some St Swithun's pupils are involved in orgasnisng these events. Each year, these events attract over 600 pupils from state schools 


This is an ongoing activity