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Establishing a Maths Hub for young people in the region

St Swithun’s has developed a reputation as a hub for mathematical activities within the region, giving access to the subject to children from local state and independent schools in addition to CPD opportunities for staff.


St Swithun’s regularly hosts teachers from schools both near and far do discuss matters mathematical and ICT-related.

Biennially we run the regional final of the Team Maths Challenge, hosting 24 state and independent schools

Annually, we host the 2-day UKMT Maths Circle for 60-70 gift and talented Year 10 students from local state/independent schools

Our head of mathematics is committed to supporting UKMT, the non-profit organisation which runs UKMT Maths Challenges, Team Maths Challenges and Olympiads.  This member of staff is a member of the UKMT Challenges Subtrust, the committee which organises annual mathematics competitions entered by over 600,000 students nationally, as well as being on the UKMT Enrichment Subtrust, which runs enrichment event for mathematics teachers and summer schools for gifted and talented students from state and independent schools alike. In addition, he is in charge of the marking of the Year 9 Olympiad nationally.


70 state school pupils attend the Team Maths challenge which is held on-site at St Swithun's

Our member of staff gives 100 volunteer hours towwards the Maths Hub initiative.