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Come and Sing

On Monday 14th November,  90 visiting pupils (from 2 local primary schools )and  39 Year 5 AHS girls participated in a day of performing arts workshops, based on the Lion King musical. The focus of the day was on the process involved in creating a musical; the pupils were encouraged to experience different aspects of collaborative practice in the arts. We arranged for some of the primary teachers to visit the school on a previous day to discuss arrangements; we also organised resources to be sent to prepare the pupils for the experience.

All 130 pupils were put into groups, each group were assigned a colour and given an appropriately coloured t-shirt to encourage collaboration and equality.  After a Physical and vocal warm up in the theatre the pupils focussed on the ‘stampede’ section of the musical.  They followed this with a carousel of five workshops including drama, dance, drumming, singing and costume and make up.  Two year 7 pupils performed extracts alongside the group towards the end of the day before the final collaboration with all the pupils dancing and singing in ‘the round’.

 “I can't praise Abbots Hill enough! The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have returned home with huge smiles on their faces.” Email from one of the visiting teachers

“I have had great feedback from all my members of staff, praising the workshops, timings and organisation of today. I saw all the workshops and thought they were fantastic and it all came together brilliantly at the end. It was great to see all the children engaged and talking to each other - even though they did not know one another.” Felicity Hindmarsh, Head of Faculty - Performing and Creative Arts.

Quotes from some of the pupils:

“I really enjoyed visiting your beautiful school because I loved the singing and dancing that we took part in” Danielle

“I enjoyed the kindness of the girls and teachers because they helped me to overcome my fear of stage fright.” Skye

“After visiting your school I asked my mum if I could join a dance club” Sean

“I’d say it’s the best day that ever existed!” Leeya

“I told my mum I learnt a new word called “ostinato”” Grace

 “The best part about it is that I made a lot of new friends.” Ffion

“It has really inspired me to do new things.” Jack

“I really loved dressing up as young Nala” Jessica

 “My favourite workshop was drumming” Nathan


“All of the staff were really helpful and kind. If I was allowed to start a club it would be drama”  Max