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Forensic Workshop

The children were invited to join an afternoon of scientific discovery. A crime scene was set and they were taught how to take fingerprints and how to use scientific equipment to solve a crime.


To encourage pupils to learn new skills in science

To use scientific skills to solve a mystery

To work in teams 


This is an annual event that has run previously.


The school science labs were used and scientific resources. The Science Head of Department ran the workshop along with a science technician. The session was for 2 hours. Abbot's Hill funded the workshop.


Verbal feedback showed that the children really enjoyed the day. One of the highlihgts was that they got to wear lab coats!

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from Abbot's Hill and Kings Langley Primary School were equally involved all afternoon. Pupils age was 9-10 years and were a mixture of boys and girls.


Trialling something different for next year. Abbot's Hill and NashMills are conducting the same experiment over time and comparing it.