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A Journey to China

A whole day of workshops run by the performing arts, based on the musical Mulan.

Nash Mills, a long standing partner of AHS, joined us for a day of drama, music, dance and art. Twenty Year 5 attended the workshop, the same class that enjoy weekly drama lesson with an AH drama specialist.

On Wednesday the 8th of November 90 pupils from Nash Mills Primary school and Abbot’s Langley School joined our Year 5 girls for a day of performing arts workshops based on the musical Mulan.


The 130 pupils were mixed into 5 groups who spent the day rotating between five workshops including; choreograph and dance, music, drama, and art.  They all had a chance to take home their own Chinese lantern and the day culminated in a collaborative finale where the different groups performed a scene.  The focus of the day was collaborative work through the performing arts allowing every child the opportunity to experience dance, music and drama.


To provide opportunities for specialist teaching in art, drama, music and dance

To encourage collaboration and team work

To develop an understanding of how the arts work together when producing a musical play


To provide opportunities for pupils to express themselves through the arts


This is a yearly event and both state schools involved always return for this workshop.  The theme changes yearly and usually follows the prep school production from the previous summer.  


Venue, specialist teaching, all resources for the workshops, lunch for visiting schools and staff.


This yearly event has lead to an AHS specialist drama teacher to take a weekly class at Nash Mills.

Pupil Involvement

30 pupils from Nash Mills (year 5)

60 pupils from Abbot's Langley (year 4)


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