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Come and Sing (Under the Sea)

A day of singing, acting, dancing, cooking and art for 130 students from Abbot's Hill and two other local primary schools. The children followed a carousel of activities throughout the day which culminated in a coming together to dance and sing and demonstrate what they had learnt. 


To offer the opportunity for local primary schools to benefit from our performing arts department allowing the students the chance to take part in drama and singing along with the food tech facilities. The visiting schools were able to experience a broader range of content in these subjects. Our students also benefitted from working with different children.


This has evolved from a singing workshop to include four other subjects. This is the fourth year that we have offered this day.


The use of our theatre and performing arts and dance studio. Also the art and food tech rooms. Many resources were used and the students left with a t-shirt, an oil pastel drawing and a box of food based on the theme which they had created.

The workshops took place across a whole school day and Abbot's Hill funded the day.


To follow

Pupil Involvement

Visiting students were aged between 9 and 11 and were mixed.


This is held once a year and we would like to continue to be able to offer it to other local primary schools.