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British Science Week: Habitat Study

The initiative involved 20 Year 5 pupils from KLS working alongside 30 Year 5 &6 pupils from AHS.  The pupils were put in groups, pairing up both schools.  The aim of the project was to enrich the science curriculum by conducting a joint habitat study where the pupils compared life in a local river (brought into school beforehand) and that of the pond on the Abbot’s Hill grounds.  The pupils were introduced to the skills needed to be effective scientific observers, how to pond dip safely and effectively looking at three levels of water, identifying the organisms found using keys and discussing how healthy both habitats were from the quality of the water and the organisms found.  The pupils also had to work in pairs and engage with children they had not met before.  This allowed both schools to develop the pupils’ social skills and leadership skills.


The aims of the project:

To work collaboratively with pupils from another school;
To compare two habitats;
To use keys to identify organisms;
To reach conclusions of the health of the pond using evidence of life found in it;
To suggest ways to improve the pond life.


This is a new partnership which started this academic year.  A teacher at Abbot's Hill School sits on the governing body of Kings Langley School.  Both schools were keen to work alongside each other.  Celebrating Science Week was identified as a good opportunity by the Prep Science department.  Sharing the school grounds including the two ponds was also identified as a resource that would support the science curriculum in both schools.


The school grounds including the two ponds.

The pond dipping equipment.

Teaching and non teaching staff to support the numbers of pupils using the pond safely.

Specialist staff (3) were brought in by AHS to support the running of the day.  They were able to support the staff of both schools in making excellent use of the grounds and linking to the science curriculum.  This was at a financial cost to AHS.


The project was extremely beneficial for all pupils.  The aims of the project were achieved and the pupils all worked well together and produced clear comparisons using observational skills.  Pupils and staff of both schools want to run this again and build on this relationship. 

Pupil Involvement

20 Year 5 pupils from King’s Langley Primary school of mixed gender.

30 Year 5 and 6 pupils from Abbot’s Hill School (girls).


Although this was a one off activity, both schools have agreed that they would like further collboration not just in science.