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Year 7 Volunteering and Fundraising

Every Tuesday lunch time, about 10 members of BGS Year 7 visit Chellow Heights School to volunteer as classroom assistants. This involves supporting teachers by playing with individual children, reading to or with them and organising the class whether they are indoors or outside. Every Year 7 pupil at BGS has the opportunity to work at Chellow Heights on Tuesdays for a period of four weeks. It is recognised that both schools benefit enormously from this project; BGS pupils learn from the experience, become more confident and have an opportunity to serve, and the service they provide to Chellow Heights is substantial (not contrived) and genuinely appreciated.

Every summer term, Year 7 also raises money for Chellow Heights School through our sponsored walk to Ilkley. The total raised varies from year to year but is typically between £3500 and £4500.