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MCC Foundation Cricket Hub

Since 2011 the MCCF has run a network of Hubs across the UK, providing free coaching and match-play to state-educated 11-15 year old boys and girls; Bradford Grammar School hosts the West Yorkshire Hub free of charge.


Only 1% of state-educated 11-18 year olds regularly play cricket. The Hubs aim to keep young people engaged in the game, improve their cricket ability, and boost their confidence both on and off the pitch.Over the 2018/19 winter, there will be 50 Hubs running in England, Scotland and Wales, providing cricket to around 2,000 young cricketers.


Reece Bird, National Hub Manager, approached BGS Head of PE Outreach, Matt Wilde. This is the first year of the project and it is hoped that the relationship will be a long standing one.


Sports hall, nets & cricket pitches.


The MCCF track the childrens' participation in the game on an annual basis.

Pupil Involvement

11-15 years old


The hub runs two sessions, every Saturday afternoon, between 1400-1700, throughout the Easter Term.