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Linking Network Project: shared values and understandings

Under the auspices of the Linking Network, pupils from Bradford Grammar School and Oasis Academy Lister Park meet to partake in various projects to reflect upon and discuss their common concerns, perceptions / beliefs and aspirations. Questions of identity, society and social cohesion are examined. Activites take place in school and at off-site locations like Cartwright Hall Museum and Gallery in Bradford and at Nell Bank Outdoor Activity Centre, Ilkley funded by BGS.


To foster friendships, mutual understandings and social cohsesion. To breakdown unhelpful stereotypes.


Linking Network activity that grew out of conncetions made initially via Manningham Youth Talks and the recruitment of Emma Milford to BGS who has significant experience of, and possesses contacts at, The Linking Newtork.


School facilities and use of off-site locations, funded by BGS. School and Linking Network staff.


Pupil wash-up / reflcetions (verbal;). Written impact surveys filled in by participants.

Pupil Involvement

Year 8