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Redmaids' High Annual STEM Conference

Every year Redmaids' High hosts a free conference for girls from schools all over the South West, alternating between the themes of #WomeninSTEM and 'Tomorrow's world' Women and careers in Medicine.

Students from across the South west join our own girls every year for a fascinating day of talks and hands-on learning about a wide range of medical occupations and developments
Our keynote speakers this year are Dr Karine Zander, Consultant Anaesthetist from Bristol’s Southmead Hospital, and Professor Bob Stone, Director of the Human Interface Technologies Team at the University of Birmingham.
They will be joined by other specialists from the medical profession and academia leading interactive workshops on a host of topics including midwifery, dentistry, physiotherapy, para-medicine, sports rehabilitation, optometry, and neuroscience.

The #WomeninSTEM conference took place last year, covering topics such as cyber security, structural engineering, crime scene detection, code breaking, machine learning and volcanoes in 20 workshops offered as part of the day. Experts from academia and industry were keen to be involved with names like Dyson, Renishaw and Broadcom all signing up to provide sessions. The day concluded with a performance of Ada Ada Ada, an interactive, wearable technology show based on the life of Ada Lovelace, who in the 1840s wrote what is widely regarded as the world's first complex algorithm, a century before the computers we know today even existed. The show was brought to the conference with support from the University of Bristol.

The event encourages girls during their GCSE studies to consider their ongoing education by exploring career options in fields such medicine and STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – where women continue to be under-represented.




The aim of the conference is to inspire girls in their ongoing learning, and provide role models of women in STEM careers.


Now in its tenth year, the event encourages girls during their GCSE studies to consider their ongoing education and future career paths.


Pupil Involvement

The conference is for pupils currently in year ten from different schools across the south west. It is free for all and takes place every year with an alternating STEM theme.