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Flamingo Chicks

A number of pupils from Redmaids' High School volunteer at Flamingo Chicks, who run classes which all children can take part in, including those undergoing treatment for cancer, children who are visually impaired, those with autism, cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome or other needs. The girls help out in the ballet classes to make sure that every child is able to take part and gets the attention that they need. In addition, Redmaids' High held a Christmas Jumper day for Flamingo Chicks raising £500 in total.


Through supporting Flamingo Chicks both through volunteering and fundraising, Redmaids' High hopes to encourage every child to take part in dancing, irrespective of ability.

Pupil Involvement

The whole school was involved in fundraising for Flamingo Chicks and a small number of girls volunteer at the dance classes.