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Use of College facilities for Sports Partnerships

College's sporting partnership programme is extensive.  These partnerships make it possible for College coaches and pupils to invest their time and expertise to increase sport and physical activity both within the local community and further afield.

Our Sports Partnership programme includes a wide area of sports disciplines. We are committed to offering our facilities, and the reciprocal sharing of expertise and initiatives with the wider community.  Our intention is to build lasting relationships with schools and organisations to promote sport for the development of skills, competition and enjoyment. 





The aims of our Sports Partnerships are -

  • provision of College facilities for local schools and organisations
  • to provide opportunities for young people to experience a variety of sport at all levels
  • inclusivity of all ages and abilities
  • expose young people to a wider variety of sports
  • raise awareness of the role sport plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • promote the sharing of ideas in developing sports teaching and learning
  • provide opportunities for competitive sports

College Sports Partnerships include -

  • Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and the Gloucestershire Cricket Board
  • Charlton Kings Cricket Club
  • Tewkesbury Swimming Club
  • Gloucestershire Hockey
  • Cheltenham Junior Hockey Club
  • Hucclecote Netball Club and Severn Stars Netball franchise
  • All Saints' Academy
  • Saint John's Primary School
  • Gloucester RFC
  • Old Patsonians RFC




All partnerships have been established with the intention of promoting and improving sporting opportunities as players and leaders for College staff, pupils and members of the local community.


Type and level of resources varies across individual partnerships but all take place in College facilities and grounds.


Each partnership is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure objectives and outcomes are being achieved.

Pupil Involvement

Sports Partnerships include College pupils and young people from local schools and organisations.


We take pride in maintaining and developing our Sports Partnerships, and actively support new initiatives to add to our programme.