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The 7 Up Programme - All Saints' Academy

The 7 Up programme is a Year 11 core intervention programme for the middle and higher ability students. The aim of the programme is to increase the number of GCSE 7-9 grades in Physics, Maths and English. The programme is based at Cheltenham College and Academy students experience 12 stretch and challenge lessons in each subject throughout Year 11.


The aim of the programme is to raise pupils' GCSE grades in Physics, Maths and English to 8 and 9.

It is expected that pupils will become more confident in their understanding of subject knowledge, answering exam questions and organisation.


The project started in January 2018 in preparation for GCSEs.  It involved a group of 35 Y11 pupils from the Academy, who attended College weekly.



College teachers and Heads of Department volunteer their time to deliver the classroom session and support staff from the Academy


The project is assessed at the end of each GCSE cycle and considers the % 7-9 awards and Progress 8 scores.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils are in Yr12

In 2019-20 number of ASA Academy students:

English - 12

Maths & Science - 16


The Academy pupils attend lessons at the College in two blocks of six weeks. The first block runs in the first half of the Autumn Term and the second over the course of the Spring Term.

The project is reviewedat the end of each academic year.