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Hop Skip Jump - Community link with centre for children with disabilities

Hop Skip and Jump provide flexible and immediate respite care and support to families and carers of disadvantaged, disabled, excluded and SEN children and young adults. They provide a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to engage and inspire children with disabilities and special educational needs.

Fourth form students at Cheltenham College visit Hop Skip Jump, a centre for children with disabilities, learning difficulties and sometimes very complex needs, on a weekly basis during term time. College pupils encourage the children to take part in activities that build self confidence, social skills and self esteem, and to generally feel safe and to enjoy their time at the centre following a day at school.

We read, do jigsaws, build train tracks, ride the zipwire, abseil, play hide and seek, use the slides and bikes, and also enjoy soft play when the weather draws in.

There are also painting and gluing sessions that College pupils get involved with, and they will help to serve tea and will sit with the children and talk during the evening meal. 

The Centre's work is additionally highly valuable in that it allows parents some respite from the care of their dependents on a weekly basis, and they can relax knowing their children are safe and cared for in a secure environment.


The aims are for the pupils to contribute to the enjoyment of their peers who attend Hop, Skip Jump, by playing with them and getting to know them as friends.

Critical factors - that our pupils are focused on those around them and open to meeting other children from a wide range of backgrounds and who may face challenges far greater than many College pupls might typically experience.

College pupils and the children in the care of Hop, Skip and Jump.


Broadening out of the remit of Community Service across College.

Identified by the Community Service Team.

Established 6 years +



- Transport to the Centre

- teaching and non teaching

- Once a week for 2 hours


Pupil Involvement

- College only

- 14/15 years

- Mixed


- On-going

- Weekly

- Indefinitely