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'Story Massage' with Naunton Park Primary School

Pupils from Cheltenham College (Year 10) attend Naunton Park after school club and work with children to create Story Massage stories.

This is a peer to peer based technique that uses 10 core massage moves to allow children to create stories that can support them socially or academically.

College pupils are instructed in the ‘story massage’ technique by our specialist College teacher. Then they attend the after school club at Naunton Park with the teacher, where they work with a range of children from Reception to Yr6  to create story massage stories based on what ever the children want to write/talk about. As well as helping with relaxation and well being it helps the younger children develop their creativity and writing skills.


Project came about after lead teacher did a qualification in Story Massage.

Opportunity identified by Lead Teacher in conjunction with Head of Community Action.

The project started in the Autumn term 2017.


Resources - 4/5 Cheltenham College pupils. Naunton Park pupils. Story Massage resources for creating and recording stories. Stickers and record sheets.

School facilities are on site at Naunton Park

Both teaching and non-teaching staff are used - (usually one teaching colleague)

No financial contribution.


- Assessment to be carried out half termly

- Outcomes - pupil relaxation and improved well being


Pupil Involvement

- Pupils from Cheltenham College work in pairs/small groups with Naunton children, under the supervision and guidance of a supporting teacher.

- Age of pupils - 14/15



Story Massage at Naunton Park is a on-going project with weekly term-time attendance by pupils.