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'Chemistry Spectacular' for partner schools

The Head of Chemistry at College has planned a 'Chemistry Spectacular' for the pupils of St John's (Y6) and All Saints (Y7) for the Autumn Term 2018.

Chemistry Spectacular is an educational package that seeks to bring Chemistry to life by actively engaging students of Chemistry, as well as those new to or interested in the subject.


The Aims:

  • active engagement with local schools (state primary and independent)
  • exposure to a range of demonstration chemistry not normally see
  • drive aspiration and a love of science amongst our community
  • provide science specific professional development to visiting teachers and associated staff


College Head of Chemistry identified the opportunity (with future workshops planned) as part of our partnership involvement with the 2 schools. 


Past lectures have focused on the Periodic Table, redox and structure and bonding which are three central pillars of KS2, KS3, CE, GCSE, IGCSE and A Level Chemistry.

Pupil Involvement

The event will be fully interactive with members of the audience helping perform experiments, thereby helping students and teachers get a hands on feel for the Science.


College plans to host more regular events throughout the academic year.