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Turlin Moor Community School

A member of the Canford Marketing team ran a workshop for children in Year 7 from Turlin Moor Community School on graphic design, marketing and events. At the end of the session she set them a cross-curricular project to complete in school over the next 6 weeks – working in pairs to plan a fundraising event, working out costings, logistics, designing a logo and a poster to advertise the event. At the end of the 6 weeks she went back in and judged the projects, which was an extremely hard task due to the high quality and originality of the ideas, finally choosing 5 pairs to come into Canford for a print-making workshop and lunch to celebrate their achievements. Teachers at Turlin Moor were so impressed with the commitment and hard work shown by all pupils, commenting that it really seemed to have sparked their imaginations.


Canford School staff were invlolved in this, both teaching and non teaching.  Canford School facilities were also used.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from Turlin Moor Primary School were year 7 (11-12)