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Autism Wessex, The Orpheus Centre and Canford School

Canford School provided the use of the Layard Theatre for Portfield School and the Orpheus Centre.  The Schools combined and pupils shared their own music and songs, which they had written.  This was performed to families and friends.


Portfield School has no performance space, so this partnership enabled pupils to perform in a Theatre.


Canford School works with Portfield School as part of our Community Service programme.


Use of School facilities


"Thank you so for your support which facilitated our project, the Layard Theatre was the perfect venue for such a very memorable performance.  The opportunity to work in such beautiful surroundings really made a huge difference to our children.  I cannot express the joy I felt seeing our pupils pride and passion on stage.  Your generosity is helping us to change our student's aspirations" 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils of different ages and genders took part in this performance.