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Hampreston First School - Swimming

All the Year 3 pupils at Hampreston are brought to the Canford swimming pool each Monday afternoon, where they are taught to swim or offered improvement lessons as appropriate, and then end the year with a swimming gala. A Canford teacher leads the sessions, but Canford 6th form pupils lead each of the smaller groups (arranged by ability) having been given instructions by the teacher.



To ensure that every pupil at Hampreston leaves with the ability to swim.


Canford approached Hampreston and offered help.


Hampreston has sole use of the Canford swimming pool on Monday afternoons between 2.15pm and 3.45pm at no cost to their school. One Canford teacher prepares the lessons and is present throughout, teaching the Hampreston pupils and supervising the Canford 6th form pupils.


Pupil Involvement

Seven 6th form pupils, both girls and boys.


For 1-2 hours every Monday afternoon throughout the year.