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Colehill First School including French

There are two projects:

Four 6th form pupils and a Canford teacher teach Year 3 and 4 pupils basic French. The Canford pupils help deliver the lessons, although they are under the guidance of the Canford Modern Langauges teacher.

Four other 6th form pupils offer classroom assistance. Tasks will include reading to the children, individual help with English or maths, and general help to the teacher in charge of the group.

In the past groups of Year 10 pupils have also helped with particular projects, but none is planned at the moment.

Both projects are on Monday afternoons throughout the year.



To supply help in a shortage subject where primary and first schools often do not have expertise.


Canford approached Colehill and offered help.


A Canford teacher drives the pupils to and from the school but does not stay.




Pupil Involvement

Eight 6th form pupils of either gender.




Two hours every Monday afternoon throughout the year.