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Shine: serious fun on Saturdays

On Saturday mornings throughout the Autumn Term Canford hosts three local primary schools, all of which are in deprived areas of Bournemouth, for 'Serious Fun on Saturdays' under the SHINE programme. Each school sends eight Year 5 pupils, all of whom are G & T accompanied by a member of staff from each school. They are picked up by Canford minibuses and brought for a cooked breakfast in Canford's fifteenth century John of Gaunts building, which is then followed by two one hour sessions on a range of topics. These include dissecting a frog, drama, maths and a number of other workshops in all disciplines of the sciences, languages, humanities and creative arts, all part of an overarching story written by a Canford member of staff. All this works round the normal teaching that goes on at Canford on Saturday mornings.

Head Teacher of Kingsleigh Primary School said: “SHINE has ensured that families can look to the future with a greater sense of purpose and hope.”


To stimulate 24 Year 5 G & T pupils who would not ordinarily have access to the range of subjects offered, or the faclities at Canford. the effect is seen in the improving test results for these pupils at the primary schools.


We were approached by the Shine Trust who encouraged us to put on something on Saturday mornings. After discussions with the three primary schools it was decided to aim the project at the G & T pupils. the overarching idea for the course was written by a Canford teacher, who then asked other teachers to contribute one session each.


Teachers' time (two/week throughout the Christmas/Autumn Term + some administrative support.

Canford staff are not paid, but primary school staff accompanying the pupils are. Shine funded this for three years but the Canford Society, run by Canford parents and former pupils, has agreed to take over the funding.


Each year the heads of the primary schools are required by the Shine Trust to show the effect of the programme on their pupils, which they are able to do.

Pupil Involvement

A few 6th form pupils help serve breakfast each week, and then varying numbers of 6th form pupils are involved in the activities. Some, such as the frog dissection, requires a large number of helpers to supervise and guide the young children using scalpels.


Every week throughout the first term.

There are no plans to finish the programme.