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St Giles' Infant School Year 2 pupils visiting Freemen's

All Y2 pupils (usually 30 – 36 pupils) from St Giles’ Infant School visit Freemen’s three times a year for an hour’s session during which the pupils are taught by Freemen’s staff and, over the course of their three visits, carry out three different activities:-

ICT: Pupils enjoy learning how to navigate Roamer around exciting obstacles. They learn how to input basic coding skills to move Roamer forwards, backwards, right or left. The more able pupils input a series of instructions with help from our Year 6 children.

Science: We do some work looking at chromatography, separating colours in ink. Then we move onto experimenting with magnets and setting them various challenges. Lastly, we look a little bit at electricity and use the energy sticks.

DT: Pupils make a pop up monster picture. They learn how to make a mouth pop open with one cut and 2 folds. They then decorate the monster and glue it into a card.

At some point (either half way through their activity or at the end), the visiting staff and pupils enjoy refreshments in the foyer. At the end, the whole group is gathered together and everyone goes away with a big smile and, in the case of the DT group, their monster picture.


The idea was originally conceived to share our resources and staff expertise with our local state school and to develop and enhance links between the two schools. The pupils and staff certainly seem to enjoy the experience.

Pupil Involvement

Year 6 pupils from Freemen's School enjoy helping the Year 2 children from St Giles' School with the various activities.


This is an ongoing activity which has been in place for a number of years, involving all of the Year 2 children visiting once a term.