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PE GCSE Moderation

GCSE moderation session using the City of London Freemen's School pool, involving two state schools who do not have access to a swimming pool.


The aim is to provide an opportunity for Oxted and Rosebery secondary schools to video a competitive swimming gala in order to carry out teacher assessment moderation as part of GCSE PE. Freemen's pupils also participate in the swimming gala.



The swimming gala / moderation event has been running for the past couple of years.


City of London Freemen's School PE staff run the swimming gala, in order to enable staff from Oxted and Rosebery to focus on capturing the necessary data for their assessment.

City of London Freemen's School has an indoor swimming pool which was used to host the swimming gala.


There is no cost associated with this event.  Rosebery and Oxted would have to pay for use of a public pool if the moderation session did not take place.

Pupil Involvement

A group of Year 11 students from all three schools took part in the mini swimming gala.


The moderation session / mini swimming gala is held twice a year.