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Careers, Education and Gap Convention

Every Autumn the City of London Freemen’s School runs a Careers, Education and Gap Convention (CEG), giving pupils from the School and the local area the opportunity to discuss their future.

The convention provides pupils and parents with a chance to talk to a wide range of professionals from a broad range of careers, representatives from educational establishments, apprenticeships and gap year providers about their future educational and career paths. In previous years we have secured exhibitors including many Russell Group Universities and companies such as; Aldi, Atkins, ExxonMobile, EY (Ernst & Young), PwC and Thales Group.

The CEG is a ‘market-place’ format – pupils and parents approach stalls and stands for advice and       information.


The aim is to provide an opportunity for Freemen's students as well as pupils from local schools, to meet with a large number of employers, universities and gap year organisations. 

A significant number of attendees come to the annual event from local state and independent schools.


There are over 70 exhibitors each year, spread across a number of halls and rooms within school, along with presentations from a university in another venue.

Pupil Involvement

Students are typically in year 11-13.


This event has been running for a number of years and will continue to take place in October each year.