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Sponsorship of Bristol Schools Nature Reserve Club

As a Double Green Flag Eco-school, Clifton HIgh School is delighted to sponsor membership of the Bristol Schools Nature Reserve Club, an environmental education project launched at the Festival of Nature 2017 by the President of the RSPB.  The Club has a wildflower meadow that can supply seeds for school projects and offers workshops to pupils to explain the importance of pollinators and assist with setting up the reserves.  It also provides plants for a local primary school's eco garden and on going ecological, educational material.


To inspire schools in the Bristol area to take up the idea of creating their own community nature reserves to help stop the decline of wildlife populations in the UK.  


Clifton High School sponsors the founder of the Club and the his outside project work as well as providing plants and seeds.


Financial contribution. Use of school facilities for hosting events such as Climate Change Extravaganza.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 3 - 11