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Active Travel Ambassadors

The School has an eco-committee of pupils who focus on reducing the school's carbon footprint as well as looking to reduce our carbon footprint. Linked to this, our Active Travel Ambassadors designed a competition for all pupils to reduce commuting to school by car and to encourage pupils to travel here 'actively'. This group of people attended Bristol City Hall and presented their initiative to other participating schools with the objective of raising money towards running the competition. 

We were delighted to win an award and the competition ran successfully through June 2023. 


For the pupils to learn about how to active travel to school and reduce pollution. 


The team designed a competition for pupils to record the extra steps travelled by walking or cycling to school. The form with the most amount of steps won prizes.


Notices were put up around the school to gain interest and excitement across all pupils.


The pupils recorded the increase in active travel steps to school.

Pupil Involvement

Year 7 to Year 13.


The competition ran for one month.