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Festival of Music, Performance and the Arts

During the autumn term, Clifton High School was delighted to host a week-long Festival of Music, Performance and Arts at the School, in which children from six local primary schools also participated.  The event featured story-telling and book signings by local authors and high-quality musical workshops by the Docklands Symphony Orchestra.

The week concluded with the junior school children and their primary school guests enjoying a special afternoon performance of the award-winning Caretaker’s Guide to the Orchestra by Jeremy Holland-Smith, at Clifton Cathedral. 


The aim of the week was to encourage our pupils and other children in the Bristol area to engage with music, performance and the arts and to give them some unique opportunities.


A parent of the School suggested the project.


Various venues within the School were used as well as an afternoon session at Clifton Cathedral.  School minibuses were used to transport the local primary school pupils to and from Clifton.

The Heads of Music, Art and Drama were involved, both in the organisation and throughout the week, as well as members of teaching and non-teaching staff.


Pupil Involvement

Clifton High School Pupils aged 4-10

Primary School pupils aged 5-10


It is hoped this will be repeated at a future date.