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Sponsor of Bristol Museums' annual education programme and various exhibitions

Clifton High School sponsors the Bristol Museums' annual education programme. The programme is now one of the largest in the South West and delivers formal teaching and learning activities and programmes to children and young people, parents, teachers, school and related organisations within the National Curriculum from Early Years and Foundation to Key Stages 1-5. The museums have also established a regular programme of curriculum-related learning opportunities, offering adapted sessions for home educators and their children, together with specialist training for the CPD of teachers.  Working in partnership with specialist teachers, Bristol Museums also offer adapted sessions for children who are disabled or have special educational needs.


To assist, through sponsorship, the Bristol Museums to reach out to all schools in the city of Bristol, and help raise attainment levels in areas of special need or social deprivation, providing workshops to targeted schools for a minimal charge.  Supplying use of school minibus and driver to transport children to and from events.


Established in 2017 and ongoing.


This entailed a financial contribution and the use of school transport and staff.


From Bristol Museums Development Trust:

"Your support has helped our Education Programme to reach out to all schools in the City of Bristol and contribute to raising attainement levels in areas of social deprivation". 

"I would also like to thank you for the use of the Clifton High School minibus and driver."