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Singing lessons

A member of Ryde School music staff goes to a local primary school once a week to help them prepare for a 'Sing up' event hosted at Ryde School. This event brings in several other primary schools from the area for an afternoon of singing together and is itself a valuable experience for local children.


The aim is to help children who do not have a music teacher to develop some experience and enjoyment of singing. 


The project came about because Dover Park was unable to do singing lessons with their pupils and were therefore not going to attend Ryde School's 'Sing Up' event. Ryde's music teacher decided that she wanted to help these pupils and offered her assistance once per week.


One member of music staff for an afternoon each week.


This assistance has enabled pupils to experience and develop a love of singing who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to do so.

Pupil Involvement

Around 80 pupils are involved from the other school in the weekly sessions. The Sing up event iteself involves around 250 pupils.


This is an on-going activity.