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Literary Festival Schools Programme

Working with a hub of primary and secondary schools across the Island including Medina, Christ the King and Island Innovation, Ryde School hosts the IOW Literary Festival for a day in School with up to 7 visiting authors and playwrights/ screen playwrights. Pupils and teachers are invited to join the Ryde School pupils in workshops and readings throughout the day. Now in it's third year it grows every year and around 250 visiting pupils attend across Ryde Junior and Senior School.


The aim of the project is to be the Ryde Hub for the Literary Festival and bring authors and pupils together for the day with as many visiting school as possible.


Working closely with the Schools Programme of the IOW Literary Festival who find and book the authors and work with other schools across the Island to create other 'hubs' for the day. A very collaborative project and a highly interactive day. 


School facilities, catering, staff, conference rooms, theatres etc 


one day, every year and on going