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A Level Science and maths teaching partnership with Ryde Academy

Ryde Academy have been unable to offer maths and science A-Level teaching due to funding or teacher expertise. Ryde School has an ongoing agreement to teach those pupils from Ryde Academy who are unable to take these subjects on a lesson only basis.  


The aims of this project are to enable local pupils to access high quality science and maths teaching at Ryde School and to fulfil a need that cannot now be fulfiled by the state sector locally. 2 pupils are currently benefiting from this arrangement.


The project came about when Ryde School's Headmaster was contacted by the Headmistress of Ryde Academy to ask for help. 


The key resource is Ryde School teaching time. Capacity within existing A-level classes has been utilised. The school's science labs and other science materials and resources are also being used as part of the delivery of these lessons and this cost is being met by Ryde School.


The potential benefit to the pupils concerned is huge. They would not otherwise have been able to access science A-levels or would have had to travel a huge distance to study. It has also significantly reduced the cost to the state of potentially having to teach very small classes of science with teachers who may not be experienced at this level. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are passively involved since they are sharing their classes with students from Ryde Academy.

Two pupils from Ryde Academy are involved, aged 16-18.


This project is currently for the two year duration of these students' courses.