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Oxbridge interview evening

Each year Ryde School runs an Oxbridge interview evening. Pupils who are considering applying to Oxbridge are invited from across all island schools to do mock interviews and receive feedback and advice on performance. 


The aim is to give pupils from across the island the best possible chance of success in Oxbridge exams.


The project came about because the school recognised that there is generally a lack of support for pupils from state schools applying to Oxbridge. The Headmaster wanted to offer the school's resources and experience to benefit those with high aspirations living on the island.


Teacher time carrying out the interviews and organisation of the evening.


It is hard to directly measure the impact of this initiative but feedback from pupils who have participated has been extremely positive.

Pupil Involvement

Upper Sixth pupils aged 17-18. Male and female - usually around 20 pupils take part.


Once per year in November.