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Mid-Herts District Cross Country

Applecroft School is one of many local state and independent schools who enter athletes for the Mid-Herts District Cross Country championships, held annually at Queenswood.


To promote fitness, to encourage children to enjoy exercise and sporting competition. Queenswood's expansicve campus provides the ideal location for cross-country courses of several lengths.


Queenswood has been hosting the Mid-Herts District Cross Country championships for over fifteen years.


Queenswood Pavilion, the school campus. PE staff, sports scholars, estates department, catering department. One morning per year (November).


Provision of this facility enables talented young athletes from many state schools to compete at District level.

Pupil Involvement

Around 12-15 Queenswood girls take part. Up to 200 children from local state and independent schools (both genders).


Annually, subject to approval of Hertfordhshire Schools Athletics Association