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Drama workshops and annual performance with Lakeside school

Queenswood and Lakeside School have enjoyed a thriving partnership for more than 20 years. Lakeside is a school for children with complex and severe learning difficulties. Queenswood facilitates drama workshops, providing performance space and expertise.


The aim of the partnership is to provide Lakeside pupils with an enriching drama experience which includes putting on a dramatic performance in Queenwood's 280-seat theatre. For Queenwood pupils, the aim is to offer our girls the opportunity to learn a variety of life skills from the joyful opportunity of working alongside the Lakeside children.


This partnership has been in place for more than 20 years.


People resources include the Director of Drama and the Deputy Director of Drama, along with theatre technicians. In terms of physical resources, we proved the Helen McCrory Drama Studio and the Clarissa Farr Theatre.


In the words of Lakeside's Head, the experience "... is incredible for their self-esteem and confidence to stand on a stage in a theatre."

The Queenswood girls gain enormously from the experience, finding it both humbling and inspiring.

Pupil Involvement

Lakeside pupils are aged 8-12 and the Queenswood pupils are aged 16-18.


This is an annual event which has taken place for more than 20 years.