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Kids Lit Quiz North London Heats

KLQ UK is part of an international literary organisation. It holds quizzes in 19 regions. Schools (from the state and independent sector) enter teams of 4 children aged 10 -14, who answer questions on any aspect of children’s literature. In December the winning teams take part in a National Final. Since 2017 Queenswood has hosted the North London heat.


'To advance education for the public benefit of children of secondary school age below 6th form level, in particular but not exclusively by operating and promoting a national literacy quiz for such children each year to encourage literature through competition and enabling students to broaden their general knowledge, literacy and use of vocabulary.'


Queenswood has been participating along with other state and independent schools for several years. When the need for a suitable venue for the North London heat arose in 2017, Queenswood's new library was ideal.


Queenswood's Pauline Edgar Library is a large, subject-appropriate space for hosting up to 20 teams. Library staff, teaching staff and support staff all assist in organising the afternoon, marking quiz rounds, providing refreshments.


Supporting the aims of the Kids Lit Quiz charity, promoting literacy and a love of reading among state and independent school children.

Pupil Involvement

Two Queenswood teams of four, up to 20 teams from local schools in total, of which approximately 50% are state schools. Ages range from 10 to 14, mixed gender.


Annually (subject to approval of KLQ UK organisers)