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Christmas Production with St Dunstan's School

Pupils from Millfield and Elmhurst Junior School in Street and St Dunstan’s School in Glastonbury joined together for a second year to perform a festive carol and drama production for an audience of local families and friends in Millfield’s Meyer Theatre.

The project is part of Millfield’s EAGLES programme, which gives pupils the opportunity to work with local, national and international communities, through volunteering, leading, and participating in a wide variety of projects.

Please see videos of the 2017 event here, and the 2018 event here.


Millfield Sixth Form leadership and volunteering experience

Collaboration with local schools

St Dunstan's pupils benefited from using theatre venue, green screen studio technology and having mentoring and role models from Millfield Drama pupils and staff.


Initiated by Millfield Head of Sixth Form, Chantal Bowring.

Established in Summer 2017.


Use of teaching and non-teaching staf




Fully attended Christmas production - a huge success.

Personal development for each of the participating children.

Pupil Involvement

Millfield pupils, aged 16-18

St Dunstans pupils, aged 14-16



Annual production - just completed its second year.