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A Wednesday Afternoon Sports Club

Pupils from Heltwate Olympic College visit Oundle School every Wednesday afternoon during term time to enjoy sports sessions as part of Heltwate's programme of sport. Pupils and staff from Oundle School host these activities working alongside specialised staff from Heltwate.


The project sees the schools working together and enjoying the interaction between pupils and staff, socialising and having fun through sporting activities.


As part of a bi-annual 'Have a Go Day' pupils from Heltwate had been visiting Oundle to take part in a variety of activities. The idea to make this a weekly activity emerged from one of these days in 2013 and linked in perfectly with both Oundle's Community Action programme and the sporting option for the Olympic College group.


The hour long session normally takes place at in Oundle School's Sports Centre although pupils from Oundle have also visited Heltwate for sport and sport sessions. Two members of staff from each school are involved each week working alongside 15 pupils from Heltwate School and 8 pupils from Oundle School.

Pupil Involvement

The weekly sessions are open to boys and girls from both schools aged 16-18 years old.