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Y5 Baking Challenge

Girls from Year 5 learn some cooking and baking skills in the morning followed by a baking challenge in the afternoon.


A local bakery, Bread Addiction, led the Masterclass for the first 3 years it was run.  A local baker led it in 2018 and judged the Challenge in the afternoon. We have a fully equipped Food Technology Room with 360 degree cameras so the bakers can lead the class with views available from all work stations. Girls will be given lessons on bread making and then challenged to make and bake a ‘bread basket’ suitable to serve in a restaurant. This could be in the form of a loaf of bread or bread rolls; the basket content will be up to each team to decide.


New Food Technology facilities that we wanted to share with our local community.


Girls learnt to measure ingredients.  Some of the girls had never spent time in a kitchen baking.  They learnt the skills (and patience) of bread making.

Pupil Involvement

20 from local primary schools aged 9-10.