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Fun on Saturdays

A programme for able, gifted and talented pupils across the city. This is open to those who may be at risk of under-achieving or who may face challenging circumstances in their lives.


In pairs, the young people will ‘build their own country’ with a different focus each week. Each session will be led by our senior school teachers in the laboratories, workshops and studios across the school. The key objectives for the programme are to support Year 5 able, gifted and talented learners in local schools in a manner that extends the curriculum opportunities available enabling the children to acquire different skills and thus enhance their confidence in support of improving their academic performance.


- At school we don’t get to do such interesting things as this – been a pleasure to take part
- All because they were fun and creative
- Made me co-operate with other children.
- Because it was challenging and I didn’t think I could do it at first but it was really good at the end
- Science because we did things we’ve never done before.
- Loved feeling like a scientist and making rock salt.
- Science because we do not normally get to use real science resources
- Science because we did fun experiments
- Science because it was particularly interesting obtaining the natural resources and making rock salt.
- Fun experimenting with Bunsen burners but challenging!
- Art because we could design own shields.
- Art because I really like drawing
- Art because now I know how to use different supplies
- Geography because we could design our own country.
- Learnt A level maths
- Maths because it was fun using calculators
- English because I liked starting to write a speech
- English because I enjoyed learning about inside the Houses of parliament
- Liked English because it helped me learn about democracy and public speaking.

Pupil Involvement

20 pupils across the city aged 9-10.


Annually for 6 weeks starting each January.

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