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Voluntary action to help the local community

Voluntary action has a very positive impact in two ways: firstly, pupils give something back to the local community and secondly, it helps pupils become responsible, aware and compassionate.  Those who are new to Voluntary Action follow a six-week training programme, where they learn how to deal with situations that might be new to them outside of the school environment, have a first-aid refresher and learn how to communicate appropriately with the people they might meet in their activities.  The choice of service is wide:

Primary School Mentoring – Pupils help class teachers with group projects, displays, productions and trips as well as sporting activities.  They may also assist younger children on a one-to-one basis with their reading and other subjects.

Charity Shops – pupils learn important communication and organisational skills through serving customers, working on the till and sorting and categorising stock.

Conservation Projects – such as gardening and landscaping at Launde Abbey or volunteering at Rutland Water Bird Sanctuary.

Visiting local elderly residents - both at their own homes and in residential homes, providing help around their home and garden.  Oakham School also provides an annual Harvest Party and Spring Luncheon for the local elderly community.

Elderly ICT activity with AgeUK – a small group of elderly residents come onto the school site every Monday and Friday and are taught how to use modern technology such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc.